A macaque, open-mouthed, looks through cage wiring
Scholarly Journals Can Help Stop Abusive Primate Research
Mike Ryan, September 11, 2019
As of 2019, over 70 top scholarly journals will seemingly publish any research on primates, without considering the inherent ethical concerns.
EPA Announces Plan to Phase Out Many Animal Experiments
The NEAVS Team, September 11, 2019
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that by 2035, they will have eliminated experimentation on mammals
5 Reasons Animal Testing is Undergoing a Permanent Shift
Nathan Herschler, August 5, 2019
Aristotle believed that there was a hierarchy of animals, with humans on top. Aristotle was also an asshole, believing that men had more value than women, and that “Helle
EXPOSED: Dozens of labs are freezing animals alive
Amy Meyer, July 30, 2019
There is a haunting trend in labs: being frozen alive due to negligence.
The Status Quo Kills Animals
Nathan Herschler, July 25, 2019
Here’s the truth: animal experiments are archaic and unnecessary. They don’t work.
It’s Time UC-Davis Loses Their License To Harm Animals
Mike Ryan, July 23, 2019
AAALAC, a key accreditation body, needs to intervene before more animals suffer.
Experimenters Explore Engineering of Human-Primate Hybrids
Nathan Herschler, July 17, 2019
Vivisection... Chimera… Sometimes fighting to save animals from labs feels like a vocabulary exam.
Putting a Mad Scientist Out of Business
The NEAVS Team, July 1, 2019
When we exposed monkey torture funded by millions of your tax dollars, you took swift action.
Stop Chimps Inc. Board From Moving 7 Chimps to lab
Nathan Herschler, June 27, 2019
We need your help to stop Chimps Incorporated, a nonprofit organization in Oregon, from moving seven chimpanzees to a research facility where they would likely be subject