Our Thanks and New Year’s Resolutions to You

Nathan Herschler, December 29, 2018

What a year!

We kicked it off with the development of a new Strategic Plan and ended it targeting some of the worst abuses by animal experimenters including, the kitten slaughterhouse run by the USDA in Maryland, the removal of reproductive organs from female marmosets at the University of Massachusetts, and the psychological and physical trauma of macaques at the University of Texas in Galveston.

Saving USDA Kittens

We were first to inform the USDA that a new law passed in Maryland that mandates experimenters adopt out cats and dogs applies to the USDA, too, and we’re hopeful the USDA will allow us to adopt the cats they’ve otherwise scheduled to kill. We’ve also been able to get important key language into appropriations bills in Congress to increase funding for high-tech alternatives to animal tests, and directing the USDA to figure out how to avoid killing kittens and to adopt them out instead.

Supporting legislation for animals

In addition to hosting congressional briefings and lobbying Congress, we also leaned in to support legislation entitled the FACT Act. If signed into law, this would force NIH to explain, for the first time, exactly how many animals (all animals, not just those that receive arbitrary Animal Welfare Act protection) they’re confining and killing in experiments.

Helping primates

  • Exposed a terrible trend: Through our research we revealed that the number of primates being abused in medical experiments in the U.S. has never been higher. Science Magazine then reported the finding.
  • Sen. Booker’s bill: We’re delighted to support Senator Cory Booker’s new, groundbreaking bill to end many primate experiments.

  • Advisory Board: We formed an advisory board of experts in primate experiments, which is led by former primate researcher Prof. John Gluck. This body of experts will articulate to the media, and the research community, exactly why primate experiments must finally be ended.

  • Defending Airlines From Being Forced to Ship Primates to Experimenters: In response to a complaint filed by a group representing people that profit from cruel primate experiments, we filed comment with the Department of Transportation urging them to defend the airlines’ right to refuse shipping primates off to their deaths in medical experiments. Our deepest thanks to those of you who answered our call and wrote the Department of Transportation.

Fighting animal experimentation

We also fought back attempts by animal experimenters to allow for their trade group to do the government’s inspection job for them, against a lack of transparency by USDA, and against those labs that still hold Chimpanzees and are resisting their move to sanctuary.

Championing alternatives to animal experiments

We supported the development of alternatives by funding exciting human-relevant alternatives to animal testing like disease on chip technology, and supported the long-term care of ex-research animals that made it to Sanctuary like Emma the Chimp.

Thank you all for your support in 2018. We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without you.

Our 2019 resolutions for animals in labs

In 2019, we’re going to strive toward a world without animal experimentation. We at NEAVS resolve to:

Be the most effective organization in exposing cruelty to animals in labs.
Leveraging transparency laws, industry whistleblowers, and other tools, NEAVS will be at the forefront of bringing cruel animal experimentation to light.  Our expert litigators will fight for transparency and accountability from the government agencies who fund animal research.

Transform the way we develop human relevant non-animal technologies.
NEAVS will host a workshop with top minds in the world of alternatives to design and start an organization aimed at transforming the pharmaceutical and drug development industries by replacing animal testing with more efficient, effective, and profitable alternatives.  NEAVS will lead the field in innovating animal testing out of existence.

Bring the fight to animal experimenters and those who support them.
NEAVS will be fighting with you on the ground and in the halls of government.  We are the only anti-vivisection organization with a Washington-based lobbyist working 100% of the time on ending animal experimentation. We are also committed to developing our grassroots advocacy network to end animal experiments where they occur.

Rescue animals from the hands of vivisectors.
NEAVS will work with its network of rescues and sanctuaries to get animals out of labs and into sanctuary or permanent homes.

Educate future generations.
NEAVS will launch a revamped education program focusing on creating humane outcomes for students in middle and high school across America. By reaching the next generation of science students we can help them understand how animal experiments are an outdated, cruel tool with no place in modern scientific testing and research.

This is an incredibly exciting time for NEAVS and thanks to you, we are closer to releasing all animals stuck in labs. Please reaffirm your commitment to the animals with your donation today. With your continued support, you’ll change the world for the better.

Thank you and Happy New Year!