News Roundup: September 29, 2023

The Rise for Animals Team, September 29, 2023

Here’s a roundup of this week’s biggest news stories related to animal research—all the recent media coverage you need to know right now to be the most effective activist for animals in labs.

Musk’s Neuralink Faces Fresh Allegations, Probe Sought by Medical Ethics Group 

Deccan Herald Web Desk, 9/27/2023

“. . . Musk, in a Twitter post on September 10 attributed the death of the monkeys to their terminal illness (‘close to death’, his post read) and not his company’s trial, a medical ethics group has sent letters to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) urging the agency to investigate Musk’s claims, reported WIRED.”

“Last year, Neuralink employees told Reuters the company was rushing and botching surgeries on monkeys, pigs and sheep, resulting in more animal deaths than necessary, as Musk pressured staff to pursue FDA approval.”  Full Story →


Forced Swim Test Fails to Measure Human Depression

Marc Bekoff, 9/22/2023

“ . . . grab a mouse by the back of the neck and inject a [substance] or placebo down the esophagus. Then drop the mouse into a beaker of tap water and set a timer, watching as the mouse struggles to escape. Eventually, they give up. Instead of trying to escape, the mouse resorts to floating. If the mice who got [the substance] struggle longer than those who don’t, a leap of faith is made to conclude that [the substance] might alleviate human depression. [This is] called the forced swim test, and it’s one of the most common animal experiments researchers use to study a substance of antidepressant properties” even though it “has been heavily criticized in the decades since it was originally published in 1977.”

“ . . . its use as a screen for antidepressant properties is increasing in some sectors . . . despite its failure to serve as a valid measure of depression.”  Full Story →


Glamour Meets Compassion: The Rise of Vegan Beauty Products

Swati Chaturvedi, 9/25/2023

“ . . . vegan makeup represents a transformative shift in the cosmetics industry. ‘Unlike traditional cosmetics, vegan makeup excludes all animal-derived ingredients and harmful practices like animal testing . . . Choosing vegan makeup isn’t just a personal statement; it’s a stand for a more compassionate, eco-conscious world….’” Full Story →


ASU Ends Cancer Experiment for Animal Abuse After Watchdog Complaint

Celeste Gonzalez, 9/26/2023

“Arizona State University has put an end to a federally funded animal research project which was targeted by a National Watchdog group in an administrative complaint that took place in June of 2023 to the ASU president Michael Crow over multiple violations of regulations.”

“ . . . the university admitted that [an] animal researcher had broken federal law by denying animals veterinary care (euthanasia), and performing unapproved, and therefore illegal, experiments.”  Full Story →


Inside UW’s Primate Research Center

Sofia Schwarzwalder, 9/27/2023

“Primates at WaNPRC are biomedical research subjects for work that focuses on treatments and vaccines for HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. The center also does work related to neuroscience, vision, advances in genetics, and stem cell biology and therapy.”

“Controversy over the ethics and practices of the WaNPRC has been present for decades. A 1996 article from the Seattle Times details calls for closure that echo into the present day.”

“Rattling cages complement a smell akin to a zoo . . . animals occupied cages that lined the walls . . . It is striking to see primates in an environment so far removed from their natural habitats. During the primates’ time as research subjects within this facility, they are not exposed to any natural light.”  Full Story →


How Does This Man Sleep at Night?

Rise for Animals, 9/27/2023

AAALAC was founded in 1965 to shield the animal research industry from outside regulation, and remains one of the central players in the animal research industry — that said, it’s no surprise that its new CEO has spent his entire career promoting and profiting from animal experimentation.  Full Story →

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