Photo of a blue-eyes cat staring through steel cage bars

Missing: Veterinarians

Nathan Herschler, September 29, 2020

TRUE or FALSE? Facilities that experiment on animals must have a veterinarian on site.

If you answered FALSE, you’re right.

It’s shocking. The current Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals does not require animal research facilities to employ a full-time—or even part-time—vet.

If you’re an animal lover like me, you know a good vet can be a lifesaver.

When my dog Matzie was two, his eye started swelling and eventually died while still in his head. I can’t even imagine the pain he must have been in, my poor boy! But his veterinarian was so caring and calm with me—the vet allowed me to experience the trauma of the experience while coaching me through the entire surgical and recovery process.

We rely on veterinarians to protect the furriest members of our families.

Don’t animals drugged and cut open in labs deserve proper medical attention from an on site veterinarian, too?

Time is running out for these helpless animals…

What if there’s an emergency involving one of the 1,400 animals locked inside the Pocono Rabbit Farm & Laboratory in Pennsylvania? There’s no vet on site to provide urgent treatment to suffering rabbits.

Our team uncovered records that show this facility relies only on a single consultant who sees the animals just once a month. And they live “one and a half hours away.”

Or what about Sobran BioScience’s lab in Burtonsville, Maryland? Records reveal that no vet checked on the status of captive animals for an entire month. This is the same lab that conducted gruesome experiments on cats in 2018—twisting cats’ heads.

Our research team recently uncovered internal records describing the experiment and what went wrong:

“[The experiment] required rotating the animal’s head approximately greater than 90 degrees to the left and then also tilted backwards towards the tabletop, while a large device that covered the animal’s head, thorax and part of its abdomen was placed over it.”

The poor animals couldn’t breathe. Multiple cats suffocated to death.

It’s clear that this lab, like all labs, must have ongoing, day-to-day medical oversight and treatment for animals.

Look, don’t get me wrong—

Our movement is about ending animal experimentation. Full stop. Nothing less will do. And with the action and passion of people like you, we’re getting it done.

But while we work to create a world without cages for the ones we love, I’m asking you to stop the suffering by taking this one action today:


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Tell the Department of Health and Human Services to require all research facilities experimenting on animals have a vet on staff.


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