Mental Trauma and Laboratory Animals

Nathan Herschler, January 3, 2019

The suffering experienced by animals in labs is not limited to physical trauma. Even in the best of circumstances, intelligent, social animals like dogs, cats, and primates are kept in horrific conditions that lead to intense psychological trauma.  When stuck in cages, all animals break.

Just this year, NEAVS has exposed multiple examples of primates suffering unbearable psychological trauma, in violation of even the very basic policies currently in place to protect those animals.

In one example we found that two macaques—Mason and George—at the University of Washington in St. Louis were under so much stress that they plucked out most of the hair on their arms. Mason’s arms were 85% bare and George’s were 95% bare at the time of government’s inspection. But instead of caring for these animals, the government found that “there was no evidence that either of these animals was provided with any additional enrichment” by the University.

In 2014, NEAVS and partners submitted a petition to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) asking them to correct their mistakes by taking action to put in place rules that would prevent the type of suffering experienced by Mason and George.

In 2015, the U.S. government opened comment period and thousands of you, our supporters, took action asking the USDA to create these new rules. But despite this overwhelming feedback, USDA has taken no further action to create the rules necessary to protect primates.

Now, three years later, we are approaching the time for action. If USDA doesn’t act soon, we’ll be going to court to force them to act. With your support we can make sure that the government takes the necessary steps to protect the psychological well-being of primates and get them out of labs for good.

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