MA RESIDENTS: Support the Act to reduce animal testing

Nathan Herschler, February 26, 2019

You can join NEAVS and animal champions Massachusetts State Rep. Lewis and State Sen. Montigny in support of their recently re-introduced product testing bills. These bills require the use of available test methods that avoid or reduce animal testing, and applies to products including cosmetics, household cleaners, and industrial chemicals.

We’re currently working with the sponsors of this Bill and our partners to strengthen this bill further. By the end of this Congressional session, we believe that this bill will represent one of the most progressive animal protection bills in the country.

You can join this effort on the ground-floor. Please ask your Massachusetts Representative and Senators to cosponsor this legislation.

P.S. NEAVS is working with our partners to hold an event in support of the MA bills aimed at protecting research animals in May. Make sure you don’t miss this event by signing up for updates.