A macaque sits among greenery

Historic Action to End Testing on Monkeys

Nathan Herschler, December 18, 2019

More monkeys are suffering cruel tests in labs in America than any other time in history. Here’s our chance to throw the cage doors open.

Friends, this is not a drill

You and I have an opportunity to take historic action to end cruel and useless testing that is killing primates in labs.

Senator Cory Booker just introduced a bill that mandates restrictions on primate experiments or bans testing all together. You have the power to push it forward by emailing your Senators right now. Urge them to do what’s right—better for animals and better for science.

An hour ago, the entire NEAVS team got together and emailed our Senators. We know this is our chance. And how to win with your support.

We’ve made history before:

  • In 2015, NEAVS successfully led the charge to end the use of chimpanzees in U.S. biomedical research and testing.

  • We’ve assembled an all-star team of experts in the field of animal research and primate experiments to help us end primate testing once and for all.

  • Through our rigorous investigations, we expose the worst abuses. This is how we drive legislative action and share the truth with activists like you, who can raise your voice to stop the suffering.

Just look at the cruelty we exposed this month at a U.S. testing facility…

neavs action network email animal escaped text.png

I know you won’t let this monkey die in vain. With Senator Booker’s new bill, you can make a difference.

Thank you for helping us fight for animals against a system funded by billions of dollars. Today, we have them on the ropes.