Excited for 2021? So are we.

Mike Ryan, September 10, 2018

If trends hold, by 2021 a majority of Americans will believe that medical testing on animals is morally unacceptable.

That’s not just our hope at NEAVS, that’s what Gallup’s polling data shows:

Annually since 2001, Gallup asks a representative sample of roughly 1,000 Americans whether they think experimenting on animals is morally acceptable.

In 2001, 65% of Americans said medical testing on animals was morally acceptable. By 2018, that number fell to 54%. If trends hold, that means that by next year an additional 9 million fewer Americans will find medical testing on animals acceptable.

At this rate of change, by 2021, in just over two years, a majority of Americans will see medical testing on animals as morally unacceptable. (Other polls indicate this moment may have already arrived, by the way.)

​Even better? Gallup’s data shows a 65% increase from 2001 to 2018 in how many Americans see medical testing on animals as “morally wrong”.

Here’s a closer look at the data showing the decrease in acceptance of animal testing:


To be clear, this is just one pollster’s findings. Other pollsters have shown even greater support for a ban on vivisection. But if we’re looking at this particular data set, the trend couldn’t be better.

Want to learn more? So do we!

NEAVS is embarking on a new series of polls to better understand this shifting landscape. With your generous donation today, you’ll help us learn more about Americans’ increasing opposition to the use of primates in medical experiments. We’ll use this information to help get more primates, and more animals out of labs.

Sources: Gallup “Social Series: Values and Beliefs” poll. Here’s more on that poll, this trend, and the 2018 findings.