A small white mouse with red eyes peers up from his cage

Dear Animals Scared and Alone in Labs

Nathan Herschler, December 24, 2019

As you make your New Year’s resolution, help us build upon our recent victories to save thousands of animals from needless suffering and death in the name of science.

We resolve to expose the worst abuses of animals in labs

To mark the start of 2020, we’ve got an exciting project to share with you: the launch of a one-of-a-kind public animal experimentation database. What’s so special about this database? For the first time ever, animal lovers and activists like you—as well as our fellow animal rights organizations—will be able to get your hands on critical stories, photos, and videos of animal abuse in labs around the country.

You can use these powerful and hard-won resources to raise your voice and make progress faster—to end animal experimentation in our lifetime.

We will bring you never-before-seen footage from within labs and breeding facilities to shine a light on what’s happening behind barbed- wire fences, in dark basements, and in lonely cages at universities. And we will continue to collect and publicize information from the 1,200 research facilities doing animal experimentation with public funding and detailed information about all 405 entities that are funded 100% by our federal government—and your tax dollars.

We resolve to organize and mobilize even more animal activists on the ground

On day one of 2020, we’ll ramp up our campaigns against California’s worst animal labs, including the research facility at UC Davis where seven infant monkeys were killed with toxic dye.

We’ll mobilize supporters like you  against Marshall BioResources—one of the biggest, most horrific corporate breeders of dogs used in research and testing—and we’ll convince major pet supply companies that you use and love to say NO to selling Marshall pet products.

And that’s just the beginning.

We resolve to expand our movement and enlist new allies—from scientists to policy makers—to more results, faster

Together, we can pressure our representatives in Washington to drive life-saving legislation for animals, including:

  • A first-of-its-kind bill to ensure dogs and cats suffering in labs are—at a minimum—more likely to find loving homes after their experiment ends

  • Reintroduction of the Humane Cosmetics Act

We’re also committed to:

  • Getting a full count of animals used in research with your taxpayer dollars,

  • releasing a report on the effectiveness of state post-research adoption laws,

  • making enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act more effective, and

  • fighting for more transparency in the  funding process for research.

We resolve to rescue animals from labs and find them safe, loving homes to live out their lives in peace

Even as you read this, animals are suffering. And we refuse to sit by and let that happen. In 2020, we will:

  • Expand our adoption program, aimed at rescuing more dogs and cats from U.S. labs that demonstrate a sustained reduction in animal use numbers.

  • Expand our support for sanctuary partners who care for animals like Emma the chimp.

  • Building off the success of our latest rescue operation, by partnering with universities and veterinary schools willing to convert their curriculum to modern, humane practice.

This is an ambitious plan. And I believe we can win, we have a secret weapon—the power of our NEAVS supporters like you. As animal lovers, we are stronger together than the forces maintaining the status quo and hurting animals.

With your continued support, we will create massive positive change for animals trapped in labs in 2020.
Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do. Happy New Year from the entire NEAVS family.