A beagle and a cat look at one another, standing in green grass

Breaking: New York's Post-Research Adoption Legislation

Frances Chrzan, June 22, 2020

We support Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal’s New York legislation that would help animals get adopted after being used in research

In 2016, New York passed a post-research adoption law because Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal thought it was important that animals used in experiments should have the opportunity to live out their retirement in loving homes. Now, she’s back with more exciting legislation on the same topic, and NEAVS is happy to support it.

This legislation, A09137, would require higher education research facilities to post the adoptable dogs and cats on the Department of Education’s website—after they’re no longer used in experiments—and hold each animal for fourteen days. This would effectively create a recordkeeping mechanism for New York’s post-research adoption law.

Here’s our endorsement letter for this legislation.

You can help save dogs and cats from being killed.
Take a minute to tell your House Representative to co-sponsor the Humane Retirement Act. Give dogs and cats a chance at a loving home after being used in experiments.


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