A crowd of activists with

Black Lives Matter

The Rise for Animals Team, June 4, 2020

The murder of George Floyd is devastating, but it should come as a surprise to no one. Our society has stripped Black people of their humanity since it stole and brought them here in 1619. Generations of Black families have been broken and Black blood spilled to build this nation. A nation whose police force continues to brutalize, not protect. It’s time to not only say Black Lives Matter. It’s time to fight to make it so. Not being racist isn’t enough. We all need to stand up and hold ourselves—and our families, friends, colleagues, and movements—accountable to end systematic racism.

For our readers who are on the journey to become anti-racists, welcome. We are glad you’re here. There is a lot to learn, and these resources are a great place to start:

Be a Better Ally

All humans have bias. Identify your hidden bias with Project Implicit



Take Action

Tell Congress to protect Black voters by funding safe elections with the HEROES Act