A photo of a beagle in a steel cage

Act Now to Save More Beagles (and Other Dogs)!

The Rise for Animals Team, August 3, 2022

We could not be happier for the 4,000 beagles who are being rescued from Envigo’s breeding facility in Virginia – thanks to this huge effort, these deserving beings will not be sold as test subjects to labs across the country. 

But, for the almost 50,000 dogs being used as experimental subjects in labs, our fight to help them must continue.  

A new bill seeks to stop federally-funded experiments that cause dogs unimaginable suffering.

Introduced into the House at the end of 2021, the Preventing Animal Abuse and Waste (PAAW) Act of 2021 (H.R. 6186) would help stop the government from using our tax dollars to torture dogs by amending the Public Health Service Act in big ways.

The PAAW Act would:

  • Prohibit the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease (NIAID) from causing significant pain or distress to dogs;
  • Require the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to report on ongoing and prospective NIAID research that causes or would cause significant pain or distress to dogs; and
  • Require the NIAID to report to Congress on efforts to phase out the use of dogs in research!

Contact your Representatives today and tell them to cosponsor this legislation.

We shouldn’t need a law to stop the torture of dogs in government labs, but we do.

According to findings by the White Coat Waste Project, recent NIAID “experiments” have included locking paralyzed beagles in cages with hundreds of biting sand flies, poisoning beagle puppies and cutting out their vocal cords, infecting beagle puppies with “mutant” bacteria and covering them with hundreds of ticks, and letting heartworms feed on beagles’ hearts and lungs. 

This cruelty should not befall any dog, but it does every day in U.S. government labs, and it could have easily befallen any of the 4,000 Envigo beagles who are being rescued – the NIH has long purchased beagles from Envigo and will continue to hurt and kill dogs in its labs until we put a stop to it.

Experimenting on dogs is not only cruel – it’s also unnecessary and ineffective.

Animal (including, of course, dog) experimentation does not help humans – upwards of 90% of preclinical experiments performed on animals are later found to be invalid, and over 95% of drugs tested successfully on animals end up failing in human clinical trials.

The NIH is torturing dogs in vain. It’s time to make them stop. 

Right now, you have the opportunity to save dogs from unimaginable cruelty paid for by taxpayers. Contact your Representatives and let them know that you support the PAAW Act!

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