NEAVS Report: 115,000 Animals Killed in Government Tests

Nathan Herschler, May 17, 2018

Yesterday on Capitol Hill, NEAVS and White Coat Waste Project (WCW) released a new report exposing hundreds of cruel and outdated animal tests performed by the National Toxicity Program (NTP). “Toxic Testing” calls into question the government’s efforts to reduce this animal cruelty funded by taxpayers.

Last year, White Coat Waste exposed the NTP’s taxpayer-funded animal tests for so-called “abortion herbs” and cosmetics ingredients. It turns out, the problem is even worse than imagined.

NEAVS and WCW’s “Toxic Testing” report found:

  • NTP’s most common animal tests have used more than 115,000 animals and $186,000,000 taxpayer dollars in current chemical assessments

  • Animal tests comprise 82% of all NTP tests conducted for chemical evaluations

  • Less than half of chemicals currently being assessed by NTP have non-animal tests planned; 100% of listed chemicals call for animal tests

  • Only 1 of 103 upcoming NTP tests uses a non-animal method

  • NTP uses 100+ different animal tests, and only 7 non-animal tests despite approving over 70

  • A lack of transparency and accountability makes it impossible to assess NTP’s stated goal of reducing and replacing wasteful taxpayer-funded animal tests