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Shut Down Marshall

It’s a puppy mill. It’s a factory farm. It’s a supplier of animals for useless, barbaric experiments.

YOU can help shut it down.

Our Findings

There are approximately 23,000 dogs in Marshall BioResources’ sheds on any given day. Marshall ships the animals they breed to research laboratories across the U.S. and around the world, including private contract companies where animals are subjected to toxicology experiments that force them to inhale or ingest chemicals like pesticides. Other animals are sent to universities and used in invasive science experiments, like severing dogs’ spinal roots, cutting off their tails, and implanting electrodes on their bladders.


New York activists, please join a peaceful protest of Marshall’s unthinkably cruel business that exploits, harms, and kills innocent animals. Rise for Animals is proud to support and uplift grassroots activism against the animal research industry.

When: Friday, August 9, 2024 at 9:00 AM
Where: 5800 Lake Bluff Road, North Rose, NY

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Take Action

A photo of a beagle in a steel cage

Petco sells ferrets bred at Marshall BioResources and merchandise manufactured by Marshall Pet Products, a company owned by Marshall BioResources. Petco’s purchase and sale of Marshall ferrets and products directly supports this cruel business. Tell Petco to cut ties with Marshall BioResources.

Write to Petco

You’re Getting Noticed!

Your voice makes a difference. The word is getting out about Petco—not only to animal lovers, but within Petco itself.

Activists speaking out against Marshall are already getting noticed. See the effects of our Day of Action held coast to coast on April 24, 2021, World Day for Animals in Labs.

See Victories Unfold
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Get More Involved

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•  Get the factsheet of findings from our investigation into Marshall
•  Request a Marshall Action Kit
•  Spread the word about Marshall’s cruelty on Facebook or Twitter
•  Are you in the U.K. and want to help shut down Marshall? Check out the good work of our friends at Camp Beagle U.K.


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Protect these dogs now!

When you donate, your gift will go directly where it’s needed most. We expose the worst abuses at facilities like this one and the science labs that pay them millions to hurt animals. We mobilize grassroots activists, demand changes from lawmakers, and ensure rescued animals can live out their lives in peace.

A beagle's paw rests on cage bars