Giving Tuesday 2020 — Help Animals like Flakita

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Give another animal like Flakita a chance.

Help free animals from confinement, isolation, and pain. This kit is inspired by Flakita, a courageous dog who broke free after years of experimentation to find peace in her forever home. Your gift can help cover the costs of rescue supplies, like food, carriers, and transportation to safety.*

Transform animal lovers into powerful animal protectors. This pack is a tribute to Dizzy, a monkey who was killed in a horrible experiment, but whose memory inspires activists every day. Your gift can help provide resources, knowledge, trainings, and support to mobilize communities and shut down labs.*

Uncover the truth of what’s happening to animals in windowless labs. This gift is a tribute to the unnamed animals who suffer out of sight, hidden away from a caring world. Your donation can help us expose abusive corporations and experimenters through rigorous investigation from our researchers and brave whistleblowers.*

Push for humane laws that protect animals. This pack is inspired by Sophie, a lovable cat who has suffered years of neglect in cages—and we’re fighting to save her. Your gift can support advocacy and bold legal action to cut funding for research institutions that hurt animals.*

*Your gift of any amount will help save animals’ lives. To help the most animals in labs, and to make sure your gift does the most good, your donation will be combined with the generous gifts of fellow animal lovers to support Rise for Animals’ work to end animal experimentation in our lifetime.*