National Day of Action

An illustration of an activist holding a "STOP ANIMAL TESTING" sign in front of a pet store

National Day of Action

April 24, 2021: This World Day for Animals in Laboratories, join activists around the country to pressure Petco:

Cut ties with Marshall BioResources.

Protest Petco

On April 24, 2021, grassroots activists across the country are leading protests at Petco with a critical message: stop supporting Marshall BioResources.

Petco sells merchandise manufactured by Marshall Pet Products, owned by Marshall BioResources. On any given day, Marshall confines an estimated 23,000 dogs and 40,000 ferrets in their windowless sheds. Marshall sells most of these animals to laboratories across the country for painful experiments. Some of their ferrets are also sold at Petco locations.

Petco’s purchasing of ferrets from Marshall and Marshall Pet Products merchandise is propping up this cruel company. Petco has heard from thousands of concerned customers, yet they still refuse to respond.

Grassroots activists are sending Petco a message they cannot ignore on World Day for Animals in Laboratories. Join us!

Join the Action

Interested in participating? We can help get you connected to other activists in your area who will be pressuring Petco on April 24th. Send an email to Amy Meyer, Director of Grassroots Organizing, for more information on how to get involved.

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