Think News Articles

The Mistreatment of Mr. Saddlebags
The Rise for Animals Team, April 12, 2024
Hamsters remain one of the most exploited nonhuman animals for basic and biomedical research in the U.S.
Incredible, Intelligent Rats
The Rise for Animals Team, April 4, 2024
Rats are one of the animals used most often for vivisection.
The Animal Welfare Act Has Nothing to Do With Animal Welfare
The Rise for Animals Team, March 28, 2024
The AWA does not ensure animal welfare and — by virtue of its deference to human interests — it never could have. 
The Sordid Self-Policing of the Animal Research Industry
Rise for Animals, March 21, 2024
In this exposé, we lay bare how USDA, NIH, and AAALAC Int'l work in tandem to quietly self-police an entire animal-exploiting industry and protect its sordid interests.
They Breed Dogs for Experiments, But Don’t Want You to See
The Rise for Animals Team, March 14, 2024
Ridglan is just one of an unknown number of animal exploiting, commercial enterprises that commodify, harm, and kill millions upon millions of animals every year.
Researchers Want to Force Cows to Serve as Human Models
The Rise for Animals Team, March 5, 2024
Rather than changing their methods, animal researchers are fixated on changing (or, really, further diversifying) their victims.
“Everyone” Must Include All Animals
The Rise for Animals Team, February 29, 2024
This year’s Zero Discrimination Day theme seems to speak directly to all of us anti-vivisectionists: “[t]o protect everyone’s health, protect everyone’s rights”.
To the FDA, Sunscreen Is a Drug That Requires Animal Testing
The Rise for Animals Team, February 28, 2024
The FDA is requiring companies to conduct new animal tests on several sunscreen ingredients that have been used safely by humans for decades.
Animal Cruelty Is Legal (In a Laboratory)
The Rise for Animals Team, February 22, 2024
If Bella the dog’s bones had been broken in a lab, the abuse she endured would have been called “science”.