Call Your Local Petco

Call Your Local Petco

Ask your local Petco store to cut ties with Marshall BioResources, factory farm of animals for research

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Find the phone number for your local Petco here.

Call Petco and ask them to stop selling Marshall ferrets and Marshall Pet Products merchandise.

Need help? We’ve prepared a script for you!

Hi, my name is ___. May I speak to a manager about a product concern I have?

I’ve noticed Petco sells merchandise made by Marshall Pet Products. Some Petco locations also sell ferrets bred by Marshall BioResources, which is one of the largest breeders of dogs and ferrets destined for animal experiments. Really cruel things happen to these animals—unnecessary painful surgeries, purposeful infections of diseases, psychological torture. I’m part of a growing movement working to shut down Marshall to prevent more animals from meeting a cruel fate.

Would you be willing to ask upper management to remove these ferrets and Marshall Pet Products from Petco’s shelves? I can direct you to a website for more information if you’d like. You can visit for more information on how Petco’s support is propping up a company that’s making monkey off of animal cruelty. Thank you so much for your consideration.